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N = Nudity   S = Sexuality   L = Adult Language   V = Violence

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"Tremulo" (Trembling)

A soldier gets a haircut from a young man and an unexpected heart-warming, positive relationship forms.

Drama/Short Film. Color. Sound.

Spanish With Subtitles

Approx. 20:00 Mins. Running Time.

"Alex And The Handyman"

An intelligent and flamboyant, yet lonely, boy outwits everyone around him to get what he wants.

Comedy/Short Film. Color. Sound.

Approx. 14:11 Mins. Running Time.

"Shai Lebeouf LIVE"

A wonderful/bizarre musical tribute to the talented actor.

Music By Rob Cantor.

Music Video/Comedy.  Color. Sound.

Approx. 3:27 Mins. Running Time.

"The Lady Is Dead"

A visual puzzle that's hard to forget.

Music By Irrepressibles.

Music Video.  Color. Sound.

Approx. 4:39 Mins. Running Time.

"Doubt" (2008)

Starring Meryle Streep And Viola Davis.

A single scene is a masterpiece of story-telling

- a movie unto itself.

Scene From Feature Film.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 7:41 Mins. Running Time.

"Sunset Boulevard" (1950)

Starring Gloria Swanson And William Holden.

A masterpiece of compare/contrast, old/new, male/female, told backwards, plus layers of real-life references by the people who lived it -- practically every line is a memorable classic.

Feature Film Trailer.  B/W.  Sound.

Approx. 2:16 Mins. Running Time.

"The Hours" (2002)

Starring Meryle Streep, Julianne Moore, And Nicole Kidman.

Different women, different eras, different experiences woven together. Ms. Kidman's best performance ever.

Feature Film Trailer.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 3:05 Mins. Running Time.

"Citizen Kane" (1941)

Starring Orson Wells.

Innovation and originality, especially at 24 yrs. of age. Telling same story, different angles...

Feature Film Trailer.  B/W.  Sound.

Approx. 3:45 Mins. Running Time.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975)

Starring Tim Curry.

A music satire of multiple genres with actors completely committed to the outrageous. (Secret: the whole movie is about a drug deal gone bad...)

Feature Film Trailer.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 3:03 Mins. Running Time.

"All About Eve" (1950)

Starring Bette Davis And Anne Baxter.

Steeped in smart, memorable melodrama -- comedy abounds -- this doc tells about the making of a classic.

Documentary.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 24:25 Mins. Running Time.

"Straight-Jacket" (1964)

Starring Joan Crawford.

Hilarious, yet mesmerizing, wherein Ms. Crawford chews the scenery and the other actors.  Must be seen to be disbelieved!

Feature Film Trailer.  B/W.  Sound.

Approx. 2:27 Mins. Running Time.

"Casablanca" (1942)

Starring Humphrey Bogart And Ingrid Bergman.

Classic -- a who's who of actors of the era...Boy meets girl and she ends up with another man at end, and so does he...Fresh and new at every watching...

Feature Film Trailer.  B/W.  Sound.

Approx. 2:21 Mins. Running Time.

"Dark Victory" (1939)

Starring Bette Davis.

(Spoiler alert!) The brilliant Bette is so good, you don't care she dies in the end -- but what an end!

Feature Film Trailer.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 3:15 Mins. Running Time.

"Sunny Skies" (1930)

Starring Benny Rubin.

An odd bit of business...A young man falls madly in love with a macho man...

Full Feature Film.  B/W.  Sound.

Approx. 1:13:08 Mins. Running Time.

"Who Is Alejandro Jodorowsky?"

A look at one of the most original film-makers in the history of cinema...

Documentary.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 25:55 Mins. Running Time.

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