Intriguism Moving Pictures

Mission Statement:


The goal of Intriguism Moving Pictures is to: 1) give opportunities in film-making to talented people who might not otherwise have those opportunities, 2) to challenge, to learn, to educate, to entertain, and to inspire while concentrating on professionalism and aesthetic production values, and 3) develop a viable system of raising capital, producing, and selling original, creative, high-quality films.

About Intriguism Moving Pictures


Intriguism Moving Pictures evolved out of the Intriguism Art Movement concepts of “retro-futurism” (taking iconic materials, re-inventing and producing original works in layered multimedia, much as Lady Gaga does in her creative career).  


Currently, the Intriguism youtube channel has over 400 films ranging in themes (from documentaries to educational films to music videos to feature films), has over 1300 followers, and consistently receives 2000 hits a day on average  -- without the benefit of any marketing or advertising whatsoever until recently.  The channel has never been monetized.  Viewers watch from all over the world including India, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Indonesia.


Intriguism Moving Pictures has produced many feature films in the last eight years, including "The Glorification of Gwen", "When The Whispers Stop", "Circus of Death", "Armas de los Muertos", "Who Is This?", "Doctor Invisible", “Sonnet“, “The Trappist”, “The Mummy’s Desire”, “I Am…Dead”, “Anno Domini Dracula”, and “The Rush of the River”.  The mostly-period-era films were produced without benefit of outside funding, in the tradition of such film-makers as Ingmar Bergman, Pier Pasolini, Andy Warhol and Woody Allen.  All rights to the film library have remained intact, in-house.

Intriguism Moving Pictures Assets


Besides the film library of dozens of completed feature films and over 380 short films, Intriguism Moving Pictures owns over 500 individual pieces of costumes (specializing in the Renaissance, 1920’s and 1940’s eras) which include wigs, hats, shoes, and gloves.  Intriguism owns dozens of valuable key props such as candlestick telephones and equipment such as two professional Canon XL2 camcorders (3 chip, 2 sound channels, and a “film“ field of depth capability), extensive lighting equipment with numerous extension cords, and a sound recording boom microphone.

Intriguism Moving Pictures has also worked in conjunction with local community centers such as LGBT Center, The Palm Springs Art Museum and The Coachella Valley Historical Museum. 


The most valued asset: talented contributors such as legendary film star Deborah Dutch.


The Future Of Intriguism Moving Pictures


Growth.  As each film increases production values and perfects the actors’ performances, the possibilities of popularity/sales increase. The films are “period pieces” by design, therefore not “dating” over time.

By using popular crowd-funding sites like or, Intriguism Moving Pictures hopes to develop a highly-visible avenue for capital.


Like Roger Corman or Walt Disney or David Bowie, the company’s future value may lie in the management and exploitation of the existing film library as an entirety, adapting the materials for technologies which may not exist as of this writing, while striving for an instantly recognizable brand name in the process.


Developing an on-line streaming outlet, much in the same manner as Netflix, Intriguism Moving Pictures could distribute educational and entertainment products directly to the viewer via the internet, thereby keeping overhead low and profits high. The resulting “package” could be a “Unicorn” business model -- a potentially valuable combination of goods and services, which has never created revenue.

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