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N = Nudity   S = Sexuality   L = Adult Language   V = Violence

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"Armas De Los Muertos" (N, L, V)

Starring Buddy Watson, Marvin Ortuno, And

Brother Andy As "Death".

A drunken cowboy is lost when he discovers a haunted small town in the Old West.

Western/Suspense.  HD.  Letterbox. 

B/W Version. Sound.

Approx. 24 Mins. Running Time.

"Circus Of Death" (V)

Starring Phylicia Mason, Zachery Fowler, Steven Ciceron, Lee Balan, And Brother Andy As "Madam Carlotta".

A young woman's journey to Hollywood during The Great Depression starts at a run-down circus.

Horror.  HD. Letterbox. B/W Version.  Sound.

Approx. 32 Mins. Running Time.

"Who Is This?" (V)

Starring Brother Andy, Phylicia Mason,

And Ryan Click.

A sick woman believes her husband is up to no good -- and then finds out it's true. 

Drama.  HD. Letterbox.  B/W Version.  Sound.

Approx. 21 Mins. Running Time.

"When The Whispers Stop" (L)

Starring Rosemary Flaherty, Robbie Wayne, David Casey, And Brother Andy.

After World War 2, Travis visits family in the swamps of the deep South, bringing with him many secrets. "Mamma" has a few secrets of her own.

Drama/Mystery.  B/W.  Sound.  Letterbox.

Approx. 46 Mins. Running Time.

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