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N = Nudity   S = Sexuality   L = Adult Language   V = Violence

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"The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle:

Director's Cut" (N)

Music By the Intrigants.

A surreal delve into what someone with Asperger's Syndrome experiences. 

Experimental.  HD. Color. Sound.

Approx. 9:44 Mins. Running Time.

"Brother Andy's Shadowfriend" (N)

Starring Guy Denmark.

A poetic exercise in "being".

Experimental. Color. Sound.

Approx. 4:41 Mins. Running Time.

"Brother Andy's The Seed" (N)

Starring D'Allo Fontana.

An early Brother Andy effort, filmed on VHS with no script: after an apocalypse, a dying man offers his body to the future.

Drama/Sci-Fi. B/W. Sound.

Approx. 12:33 Mins. Running Time.

"Those People"

Starring: Various Actors.

Subjects speak to an unseen interviewer about their feelings toward others.

Experimental.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 8:38 Mins. Running Time.

"Model Of A Man"

Brother Andy as an artist's muse is the subject of this video.

Experimental/Art/Short Film.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 4:41 Mins. Running Time.

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