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N = Nudity   S = Sexuality   L = Adult Language   V = Violence

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"Creeper's Clubhouse"

Starring Comic Horror Celebrity Armando Creeper & Mother.

Two kids show up at the door of the Creeper house and craziness ensues with a clown, a magician and story-time.

Comedy.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 17:17 Mins. Running Time.

"Armando Creeper & Mother On Horror Kung Fu Theater"

Starring The Nightshadow, Buddy Watson, Armando Creeper And Mother...

An alleged interview.

Comedy.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 11:45 Mins. Running Time.

"Armando Creeper & Mother

In 'Creeper's Classics'"

Starring Armando Creeper And Mother...

An alleged horror host introduction...

Comedy.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 11:21 Mins. Running Time.

"'Creeper's Classics' Blooper Reel"

Starring Armando Creeper And Mother...

A horror host introduction gone haywire...

Comedy.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 8:58 Mins. Running Time.

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