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N = Nudity   S = Sexuality   L = Adult Language   V = Violence

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"Curse of the Swine-Beast"

The Greatest Film In Cinema History!

Starring Phylica Mason, Jason Hull, Rosemary Flaherty, Stan Jensen, Joshua Ogden, Miguel Arballo, Brian Lavender, and Brother Andy.

A nerd scientist experiments with atomic testing and wrecks the universe...Zombies!  Aliens!  Monsters! Incest! Cross-dressing! Atomic bombs!

Comedy/Horror Film. B/W.  Sound.

Approx. 1:0:38 Mins. Running Time.

"The Greatest Entertainer Ever"

Starring Brother Andy.

A superstar celebrity discusses his run-in with the law and other legal matters...

Comedy/Short Film. Color.  Sound.

Approx. 8:38 Mins. Running Time.

"The Book Of Vincent:

The First Church Of Jesus Chimp"

Starring Brother Andy.

A sermon about...something.

Comedy/Short Film. Color.  Sound.

Approx. 7:47 Mins. Running Time.

"Robert Charles Dunahay UFO Photographs"

Starring Lee Alien, Rebecca Navarre.

Comedy/Short Film.  Color.  Sound.

Approx. 5:35 Mins. Running Time.

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