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N = Nudity   S = Sexuality   L = Adult Language   V = Violence

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Legendary "Scream Queen", Deborah Dutch, (pictured above) is a veteran, internationally-known actress who has appeared in countless motion pictures, television shows, on stage, and at personal appearances.  The vivacious Ms. Dutch acts in three IMP films, in one memorable role after another: "The Trappist", "Doctor Invisible", and "The Ghost Of Room 13" -- all of Ms. Dutch's IMP films can be seen, for free, on the horror/suspense and drama pages.  Below are a couple of highlight clips of her performances.

"The Ghost Of Room 13: Lana Enters" (N, L, S)

A haggard 1940's movie star enters a surreal world...

Horror/Short Film. Color. Sound.

Approx. 6:09 Mins. Running Time.

"The Trappist"

Starring Brother Andy, Richie Sande, and Debbie Dutch.

A troubled monk seduces a young man and gets into trouble...Even his pious sister can't save him.

Drama. B/W. Sound.

Approx. 12:14 Mins. Running Time.

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Dr. Invisible

The Ghost of Room 13

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