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Is “Jesus Chimp” The Icon Image Of The Information Age?


Like Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn Monroe” image encapsulated its time, performance artist and film-maker, Brother Andy, may have created the single most important image of the current era.


Using the !ntriguism™ Art Movement methods (a new “retro-futurist”, multimedia, iconic art language), Brother Andy’s controversial portrait of Jesus Christ as a chimpanzee inspires some viewers with hope and humor and incites others into rage and hostility. Unlike “Piss Jesus” or “Elephant Dung Mother Virgin”, Brother Andy’s work is intended to be a “pro-animal” commentary, instead of a direct blasphemy to anyone’s beliefs.  It is the amalgamation of both evolution and Creationism ideas.


“Jesus Chimp” is part of a series of simian-inspired images included in the e-book, “Simian Sacraments”.  Several San Diego print shops refused to make the “Jesus Chimp” image into t-shirt designs in fear of “retaliation”.


“It is a simple image with complicated implications,” Brother Andy says of his beloved character.

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