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Above (L to R), Brother Andy, Lee Alien, Crazy Wolf, Shahram Farshadfar -- the Founders of Intriguism.



Sometime in 2007, a group of Southern California artists attended a social gathering -- as they had numerous times prior. The party-goers had known each other for a while and referred to themselves, as a creative group, as "Les Bon" (meaning "The Good" in French), as "free-spirited, free-thinking" artists. The group consisted of writers, poets, painters, photographers, assemblage artists -- all looking for avenues to exhibit their work and to learn more about the processes of creating art.


The core group members of "Les Bons" were Shahram Farshadfar (painter, photographer, gallery owner, and a member of the Artists Council Board of Governors at the Palm Springs Art Museum), Crazy Wolf (Randolph Maxted -- poet, writer, publisher, actor and former model) and Lee Alien (Lee Balan -- poet, writer, assemblage sculptor, digi-graphos artist, minister and hypno-therapist).


Mr. Alien showed some of his recent art work to the group. A fellow artist, Peggy Vermeer (painter, paper-maker, assemblage artist and docent at the Palm Springs Art Musuem for over thirty years), said of Lee's images as a "digi-graphos" artist, "Your work is intriguing." Lee responded rather flippantly, "That's because I'm an 'Intriguist'." And thus, the "title" of "Intriguism" was "created", somewhat tongue-in-cheek.


Shortly thereafter, Crazy Wolf began gathering poetry and images to create a hard-copy, self-published magazine called, "The Intriguist", aptly titled since most of the submissions were from the "Les Bon" group who began referring to themselves as "Intriguists" as well. Most of the artistic endeavors created by the "Les Bons" resembled Dada and Surrealist methods in nature.


Later that same year, Brother Andy (writer, poet, film-producer) heard of the former "Les Bon" group (then known as primarily as "The Intriguists") and was introduced to the members of the group. It was explained to him how the group arrived at the word "Intriguist" and the general meaning behind the word -- which was somewhat vague. Brother Andy then began research on art movements and other historic groups who influenced art (such as Dada, the 1940's "Roundtable" in New York, "The Beats" of the 1950's, and "Pop" culture in the 1960's), as well as differing art methodologies such as the newly created digital art which uses multiple media.


Lee Alien and Brother Andy (who then changed his moniker to "Brother Andy" in homage to "brothers and sisters in the struggle for self-actualization") decided to take the concept further, developing a true art method and to define a legitimate art practice while Copyrighting and Trademarking the intellectual properties involved. The original "Les Bon" group members (except Mr. Alien) declined participating in the business aspects of "Intriguism" but lent their time and talents to its overall success.


A logo was designed. Fliers were created. Brother Andy annointed "believers" in the practice as "Brothers and Sisters in the struggle..." and further developed an understanding of the technique of utilizing the past, present and future as basic materials in a technological Information Age for a global audience. The vision grew by the day, as did a group of supportive group artists who began labeling themselves as "Intriguists" as well. The results have been inspiring to all parties involved.


Intriguism was then developed into a company to create multi-media projects for artists. Music videos, films, magazines (both hard-copy and on-line), websites, e-books, e-calendars, products and personal appearances have brought the "Intriguism" movement to the public. Reactions to the work has been overwhelmingly positive. Intriguism products and services have increased dramatically.


Then Lady Gaga arrived.  Combining aspects of fashion and music as a performance artist which made social statements showed Intrigants that the time for Intriguism was upon them.


In 2010, Brother Andy became the soul holder of the Intriguism trademark/copyrights and expanded the brand into producing live entertianment events and licensing. To date, more than over 100 artists have been helped by the Intriguism project.


Currently, there are over 360 films under the Intriguism brand, as the Intriguism Moving Pictures division produces feature films and short films.




"Intriguism: The Art of Ecstasy" pamphlet/magazine, including rough definitions of the term


April 28 pre-official !ntriguism film "The Social" with Tony Barre music completed.
June "Of Tongues And Rainbows" E-book completed.
August 14 Shot artist Rahim Shabazz PR pictures.
October 1-31 "blank page/I am the stranger" pre-!ntriguist novel completed.
October 19 Brother Andy first meeting with "Le Bons/!ntriguists".
November 25 Lee Alien photo session.
November 27 "Exhumed" pre-!ntriguism film completed, featuring Lee Alien.
December 1 Brother Andy writes first "definition" of !ntriguism.
December 3 "Tony Barre's Exhibition" music video collection completed.
December 19-23 "Dancing In Diaspora" official !ntriguism film shot and completed.
December 28 Finished Tony Barre's "Exhibition" DVD.
December 29 "Home of the Unfree" E-book completed.


January 7 Obtained
January 9 Service mark registered.
January Intriguist 2008 Calendar created.
January 24 !ntriguism logo created by Lee Alien.
January 25 Tony Barre 2008 Calendar completed.
February 7 First "!ntriguism Film Night" at Casa Copal
February 10 Lee Alien, Brother Andy perform at "Trapdoor", Wine and Art, Palm Springs
February 21 !ntriguism Brochure/Pamphlet created.
March 2 Lee Alien, Brother Andy poetry performance at Dezart Art Gallery
March 9 Lee Alien featured speaker at Wine and Art "Trapdoor" Poetry
March 13 Founding ! Members get together at Robert Charles Dunahay Exhibition
March 15/16 Shot !ntriguism Film "The Mysteries of the Robert Dunahay Photographs"
March 18 "Jesus Chimp" image created.
March 21 Intriguism website is launched.
March 24 !ntriguism catalogue created. "Lee Alien: Out of His Mind" E-book completed.
March 30 "Shahram Farshadfar: People, Places, Things" E-Book completed. 
April 1 "!" E-Zine #1 is launched.
April 5 "The !ntrigants" CD completed.
April 13 ! Fashion Photo Session with Ryan Weaver.
April 20 Brother Andy guest speaker at villagetv seminar.
May 2 Brother Andy performs at Barnes and Noble, Palm Desert, Launch Party/Exhibition introduction of !ntriguism PR video.
May 3 Lee Alien performs at Palm Spring Book Fair.
May 5 Jan Carlsen E-book completed.

June 6 "Trap Door" poetry reading.

June 22 - 28 Shooting "Anno Domini Dracula" movie.

July 12 "An Evening Of !ntriguism" At Palm Springs Pride Center.

July 20 "Anno Domin Dracula" editing completed. Wrote "The Anno Domini Dracula Diary: The Making And Unmaking Of A Movie".

August 1 - 9 The second issue of ! Magazine is completed. "The Temptress", "Picture", "Honor" "A. Lee N.", "This Time", "M" videos completed.

September Nearly 70 videos are uploaded to Phog Masheen music video completed.

October Trap Door performance, Claire's Underground Garden joins forces with ¡, party with artist Robert Dunahay, videos completed ("How To Be A Nude Art Model", "Rave Rage")

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