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About Brother Andy 

Writer/ Director/ Executive Producer/ Editor/ Actor/ Costumer/ Production Designer/ Interior Designer/ Model/ Website Designer

Provocative ultra-artist (an artist skilled in over five different media), Brother Andy is a prolific auteur film-maker with over 370 films on youtube, over 10,000 photographic images as a photgrapher, plus countless paintings and sculptures as a fine artist to his credit.  His digital collage image, "Jesus Chimp", is considered by some to be a masterpiece of the Intriguism Art Method ("retro-futurism"), a creative process which he developed.  The energetic creator produced highly-effective educational films for The Palm Springs Art Museum and for Seeds, Inc. in San Diego, California, for people with cognitive disabilities.


His background extends into feature films (producing several feature films in the last eight years as writer, producer, editor, and director), television (with appearances on ABC, local news stations in every Southern California major city), stage and live events, music videos and theme parks, as well as Visual Merchandising for several leading retail stores, private interior design clients and web site design.


As an "artist whisperer", Brother Andy has worked with over 100 artists in the past seven years, including recording and archiving works, aiding in exhibitions, developing press packages, and designing graphics.  He is also a strident advocate of nudism, feminism and animal rights. He has lived in Fullerton, San Diego, and Palm Springs, California.  Presently, he lives in a house reportedly lived in by entertainer Rudy Vallee in the Movie Colony East.


His motto is: "To educate and entertain, to encourage and inspire..."


Above are images of his numerous roles in a variety of films as examples of makeup, hair, costume, lighting, camera-work and acting.  He has been referred to as "The Man of a Million Faces".

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