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Brother Andy's The Intrigants


"The Intrigants" began as an experiment by Brother Andy, using the Intriguism Art Methods while creating music. The music became a basis for full albums (The Intrigants: Minds Over Matter, Opus of the Haunted Soul, Artnigger), music videos, and as background music for a variety of film projects and live events such as sculptor Rik Phillips art exhibition of "The Biomutants" series in a fine art gallery on El Paseo in Palm Desert, California.


The Intrigants = 53 finished music videos/4:07:10, plus five full albums (Lost In A Deep Trance, Opus of the Haunted Soul, Minds of Matter, Art Nigger, Noise Portraits) with completed cover art/2:36:27.


The Intrigants music videos can be seen currently on

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