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Brother Andy's Interior Design


Below is a list of Interior And Exterior Designs, “Redesigns”, “Staging”, Consultations, Visual Merchandising, Wallpapering, Painting, Tile Work, Window Treatments, Interior And Exterior Lighting, Exterior Sprinkler Systems, Minor Electrical And Plumbing, Shopping, Holiday Decorating And More.



Valley View Manor (Retirement Home), Valley Center, California (Interior And Exterior Design, Holiday Decorating 2 Years)
Concepts Confirmed (Patent Company), Spring Valley, California (Interior Design And Executed)
Collateral Loan (Pawn Shop), Valley Center, California (Interiors Reorganized, Visual Merchandising)
De La Fuente Party Shop (Party Supplies), Escondido, California (Interiors Reorganized, Visual  Merchandising, Holiday Decorating)
Rock Socks (Skate Board supplies), Escondido, California (Visual Merchandising, Marketing)



Anne Cooke, Cathedral City, California (Interior Paint)
Jean Vallier, Palm Springs, California (Exterior Paint, Interior Designs)
Rose Rosendo, Palm Springs, California (Exterior Paint, Bedroom and Office Design, Apartment Design)
Peggy Vermeer, Palm Springs, California (Exterior Paint, Living Room, Two Bedroom Designs)
Deborah Egan, Fallbrook, California (Two-Story House Interior Design, Xmas Decorating)
Laurie Norris, Anaheim, California (House Interior Design And 2 Apartments Interior Redesigns)
Anita Honey, Valley Center, California (Two-Story House Interior Design, Holiday Decorating)
Michael Winchester , San Diego, California (2 Apartment Interiors Redesigns)
Jim Winchester, Valley Center, California (Xmas Decorating)
Bowman’s, Escondido, California (Xmas Decorating 3 Years)
Thomas Ybarra, Fullerton, California (Apartment Interior Redesign)
Linda Rykowski, Anaheim, California (House Interior Design)
Robb’s, Anaheim, California (House Interior And Exterior Designs)
Chaparral Terrace, Valley Center, California (Rental Property, Interior And Exterior Design)
Craig Johnson, Rancho Bernardo, California (Rental Property Wallpapering And House Interior Redesign)
John Scott, Fullerton, California (Apartment Redesign)
Aaron And Monica King, Fullerton, California (Two Houses Interior Redesign, Xmas Decorating 3 Years)
Garnet And Mike Banks, Palm Springs, California (Exterior Cleanup On “Alexander” House)
Joanne Kennedy, Palm Springs, California (House “Staging” Interiors For Sale)
Ivery Edwards, Palm Springs, California (House Interior Redesign)
Jody Mortimer, San Diego, California (Apartment Interior Redesign)
Sterling Wolfe, Valley Center, California (House Interior Designs And Execution)


Individual Rooms

Shane Murphy, Fallbrook, California (Apartment Interior Design)

Kaz Egan, Fallbrook, California (Room Design)
Ann Neal, Fullerton, California (Bathroom Interior Design)
Cindy Carpenter, Riverside, California (Bathroom, Front Room Designs, 3 Years Xmas Decorations)
Junior Vazquez, Escondido, California (Bedroom Interior Design)
Justin Salter, Valley Center, California (Bedroom And Bathroom Interior Design)
Marj Linton, Valley Center, California (Artist’s Studio Interior Interior Design)
Vinnie Griffin, Escondido, California (Front Room Redesign)
Ryan Johnson, Escondido, California (Front Room Interior Design/Bedroom Redesign)
Rose Tyler, Valley Center, California (Bedroom Redesign)
Robbi And Jimmy, Palm Springs (Front Room Redesign)


Visual Merchandising

Award-Winning Visual Merchandiser For Robinson’s-May, L.A., Orange County, San Diego, California (4 Years, Including All       

     Seasonal Holiday Decorating)
Award-Winning Visual Merchandiser For May Company, Buena Park, California (2 Years, Including All Seasonal Holiday Decorating)
Otherworld Comic Book Shop (3 Years)


Below are a few examples of interior design make-overs for various client residents, stagging "flipper" properties, and Brother Andy's personal homes. For a consultation or to have your home or business remodeled by Brother Andy, please feel free to contact us for a quote at

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