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Intriguism is a word which is closely-related to Brother Andy in the same manner the Dada art movement, Cubism, and "Ready-made" art objects are synonomous with artist Marcel Duchamp. Intriguism is a twelve-step creative process developed by Brother Andy, who owns the Universal copyrights and trademarks associated with the word.


The Intriguism process is "retro-futuristic" in nature, much like Lady Gaga's approach to her personal living style and career, meaning the artist looks to the past for iconic materials and uses the materials as a new language to tell a "collage" narrative leading to new possibilities through current technologies as a format.  Brother Andy's approach to "Invisible Art" and his image of "Jesus chimp" are supremely accurate examples of Intriguism Methodology put into practice.


Photo By Sharhram Farshadfar


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