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The Glorification Of Gwen (L)

Starring Steven Ciceron and Rosemary Flaherty.

A wife finds out her husband invited a strange person to their home, he met on the internet.

Drama/Experimental.  HD.  Letterbox. Color. Sound.

Approximate 50 Mins. Running Time.

Armas De Los Muertos (N, L, V)

Starring Buddy Watson, Marvin Ortuno, and

Brother Andy as "Death".

A drunken cowboy is lost when he discovers a haunted small town in the Old West.

Western.  HD.  Letterbox.  Color & B/W Version. Sound.

Approximate 24 Mins. Running Time.

Circus Of Death (V)

Starring Phylicia Mason, Zachery Fowler, Steven Ciceron, Lee Balan, and Brother Andy.

A young woman's journey to Hollywood during the Great Depression starts at a circus.

Horror.  HD. Letterbox. Color And B/W Version.  Sound.

Approximately 32 Mins. Running Time.

The Ghost Of Room 13 (N, S, V)

Starring Greg Griffin, Debbie Dutch, Steven Ciceron, and Brother Andy.

A man's wife goes missing on their honeymoon.  Years later, haunted by her, he finds the truth.

Mystery.  HD.  Letterbox.  Color.  Sound.

Approximately 25 Mins. Running Time.

Mummy Poster.jpg

Doctor Invisible (N, S)

Starring Buddy Watson, Debbie Dutch, Lee Balan, and Bother Andy.

A young man seeks answers about his dead father, his family.  What he learns shocks the world.

Mystery/Horror.  Letterbox.  B/W.  Sound.

Approximately 1:20:00 Mins. Running Time.

The Trappist (N, S, V)

Starring Manuel Domenech, Brother Andy, Debbie Dutch, Phylicia Mason, and Richie Sande.

A hermit trappist meets a young man who manipulates the people around him using sex.

Drama.  Letterbox.  B/W.  Sound.

Approximately 1:14:00 Mins. Running Time.

I Am...Dead

Starring Rebecca Rowley, Jason Phillips, Lee Balan, and Brother Andy.

A woman poisons her husband for insurance money -- or does she?  Husband comes back as "walking undead".

Noir Murder Mystery.  B/W.  Sound.

Approximately 1:21:00 Mins. Running Time.

Me Against The World (N)

Starring Miguel Arballo and Matt Sambrano.

A man with agoraphobia needs his computer fixed.  What to do?

Comedy/Drama/Experimental.  HD.  B/W.  Sound.

Approximately 23 Mins. Running Time.

The Mummy's Desire (N)

Starring Richie Sande, Richard Martinez, Shane Murphy, Carol Lurie, Peggy Vermeer, Lee Balan, Jennifer Johnson, Claire Navarre, and Brother Andy.

A young archeologist finds ancient scrolls which unleashes a mummy.  Horror.  Color.  Sound.

Approximate 1:24:11Mins. Running Time.


The Rush Of The River (S, N)

Starring Brother Andy and Tracy Oliver.

An illiterate preacher finds a man tied, beaten and left for dead.

Western/Surreal.  Color.  Sound.

Approximately 31 Mins. Running Time.


When The Whispers Stop (L)

Starring Robbie Wayne, Rosemary Flaherty, David Casey, and Brother Andy.

After World War 2, Travis visits family in the swamps of the deep South, bringing with him many secrets.

Drama.  Color.  Sound.  Letterbox.

Approximate 46 Mins. Running Time.

Anno Domini Dracula (N)

Starring Lee Alien, Brother Andy, Edgar Vazquez, Randolph Maxted, and Jan Carlsen.

Dracula is obsessed with light, when not chasing after a young man.  Surreal/Horror.  Color.  Sound.  Music By Tony Barre.

Approximate 53:13 Mins. Running Time.


The Happiest Of Hooligans

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy.

The Happy Hooligans meet to play cards and drink.

Comedy.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 19:00 Mins. Running Time.


Two Boobs And A Baby

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy.

The Happy Hooligans babysit.  Havoc ensues.

Comedy.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 14 Mins. Running Time.

"Cock-A-Doodle Don't"

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy.

The Happy Hooligans mess around with hypnosis and live to regret it.

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate Running Time 9 Mins.

"Playing Doctor"

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy

The Professor is "under the weather" and Mr. Fitzgerald is there to help!

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 17 Mins. Running Time


"Two Fools And A Funeral"

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy

The Professor is summoned by Mr. Fitzgerald to attend a funeral!

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 10 Mins. Running Time

"Hooligan Hammerheads"

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy

The Professor helps Mr. Fitzgerald fix a table!

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 11 Mins. Running Time


"The Dancing Dolts"

Starring Steven Ciceron, Brother Andy, Rosemary Flaherty, And Carol Davis

The Hooligans take a dance lesson!

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 15:29 Mins. Running Time

"The Size Of Golf Balls"

Starring Steven Ciceron And Brother Andy

The Hooligans play golf!

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 13:23 Mins. Running Time

"The Movie Madcaps"

Starring Steven Ciceron, Brother Andy, Rosemary Flaherty, Angel Savineau, Sid Galaviz

The Hooligans go to the movies!

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 18:48 Mins. Running Time


"A Date With Disaster"

Starring Steven Ciceron, Brother Andy, And Rosemary Flaherty

Confusion occurs when The Hooligans go to a Chinese restaurant!

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music.  Approximate 23:00 Mins. Running Time

"The Estrangement"

Starring Phylicia Mason And Rosemary Flaherty

A daughter receives a devastating letter from her controlling mother and goes for emotionally-charged visit.

Drama.  Color.  Sound.  Approximate 55:00 Mins. Running Time

"The Deadly Thread"

Starring Greg Griffin

A phone call from his "future self" sends a technology salesman into a surreal nightmare.

Experimental.  Color.  Sound.  Approximate 12:15 Mins. Running Time


Those Dashing Diners: From Soup To Nuts

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy.

The dopey duo, The Happy Hooligans, are at it again with antics over dinner.

Comedy.  B/W.  Silent W/Music. Approximate 19 Mins. Running Time.

The Social (S, N)

An early film by Brother Andy considered by many to be a masterpiece of the Intriguism Method. Set to the music of Tony Barre.

Horror/Sci-Fi/Experimental.  B/W With Color.  Sound.

Approximately 17 Mins. Running Times.

Brother Andy's Sonnet (N, S)

Starring Edward Benford, Brother Andy, Phylicia Mason, Miguel Arballo, Manuel Domenech, Carol Hannan, Reginal Van Pelt, Richie Sande, Rebecca Navarre, and Claire Navarre.

A failed poet discovers true talent in young man.

Drama.  Letterbox.  Color.  Sound.

Approximately 1:54:30 Mins. Running Time.


Who Is This? (V)

Starring Brother Andy, Phylicia Mason, and Ryan Click.

A sick woman believes her husband is up to no good -- and then finds out it's true. 

Drama.  HD. Letterbox.  Color And B/W Version.  Sound.

Approximately 21 Mins. Running Time.

The Happy Hooligans Meet the Spooks!

Starring Steven Ciceron, Brother Andy and Rosemary Flaherty.

In their first "Talkie", the Hooligans go trick-or-treating and find Mrs. Dumont in a graveyard!

Comedy.  B/W.  Sound. Approximate 12 Mins. Running Time.

The Voodoo You Do!

Starring Steven Ciceron and Brother Andy.

The Happy Hooligans antics abound in the comedy TALKIE!

Comedy.  B/W.  Sound. Approximate 13 Mins. Running Time.

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