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Corey Chambers:

Producer/ Art Patron/ Business Partner


Corey Chambers (pictured at left in a photo by Brother Andy) is a highly successful real estate agent, avant guard film producer, internet entrepreneur as the driving force behind VillageTV and Entar companies, book author, public speaker, business consultant, expert in bitcoin and eBay, world traveler, and insightful art patron.


Chambers has a M.B.A. degree in Marketing from the Canterbury University and a degree in Advertising from California State University in Fullerton, California.  While in the U. S. Air Force, he received a Certificate for Information Systems and Communications Computer Operations.


He has an extensive background in radio, having created ground-breaking programming geared toward gay audiences. His was early in the live-streaming internet PPV entertainment arena.  Based in Los Angeles, he is currently the leader in downtown loft real estate sales, with high-profile clients representing all facets of the entertainment/internet businesses.
Chambers has been an independent film producer, writer, actor and director (’Kill Madonna“, “Gay Pride Slasher“, “Desert Queen“), associate producer (dozens of feature films, music videos, educational films, and experimental films in association with Narcissus International and Intriguism Moving Pictures), plus a generous financial backer of numerous Brother Andy film and fine art projects.


Chambers’ main objective concerning Brother Andy is to provide needed tools and business support: technological multi-media platforms and invest capital to ensure completion, distribution and sales of the resulting creative endeavors.

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